The Swinging Scene in Wales

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The Swinging Scene in Wales

More couples than ever before have been getting into the swinging lifestyle in Wales. This has allowed the practice to be brought out of the shadows and into the light. While it is still not accepted by all, it is far more accepted now than it ever has been before. The couples who sing are seeking sexual adventure and excitement. While swingers in years past have been younger couples, there has been a recent trend of middle aged couples getting into the act. This offers an interesting dynamic to those who have been interested in the lifestyle, but were unsure of their ability to join in.

Swinging is when one adult couple consents to switch partners with another couple to have sex. There are varieties of different ways you can meet the couples as well as a variety of ways you can agree to have sex. Soft swingers are those who only have oral sex with other couples. The soft swingers usually comprise the population of people just getting started. This is not to say this is not where many people stay at. There is usually a progression as you get more and more comfortable exploring your sexuality. Hard swingers are those swingers which have penetrative sex with other couples. Be honest with yourself and with your partner about what you are ready for.

Many people have believed that couples who swing will destroy their marriage. This has been proven to not be true through recent research. Researches have reported a higher percentage of couples who are very happy in their marriage than in those couple who do not swing. This is thought to be because swinging fulfils desires to have sex with another person while not having to lie and cheat. Couples who swing have reported that this makes them closer to one another in several other areas of their marriage. Make sure you and your partner can be open and honest with each other before getting involved in something like swinging.

In decades past it has been difficult for couples to meet other couple interested in swinging. Answering ads placed in swinging magazine or attending events through word of mouth were the main ways couples come into contact. These are still available for those who prefer it. The problem with this way of meeting people is the fact you do not get a real sense of who the people are or what they are about from an ad. You will not really know too much about them until you forge a relationship with them. Even then, there can be awkwardness when you finally do meet in person. This is why many people have been desperately seeking a new method.

Now with the internet there are many more options for couples in Wales to meet each other. You can get involved in websites which allow you and your partner to post a profile. This will help you attract other like-minded individuals as well as having the ability to contact others. This works in much the same manner as a dating website works. You get to see pictures of the people you are interested in as well as exchanging email addresses. You can send each other videos and pictures to get a feel for what they are like in person before you ever meet. This has a higher rate of success than the ads did. You also have less likelihood of misrepresentation when you request pictures and videos. There are several online clubs where couples can meet and make plans to meet for sex.

There are also several clubs which can be found online where couples can go to meet other couples on person. Meeting with other couples in physical clubs offer couples a chance for couple to better get to know other couples they may be interested in. It also allows for couples to meet more people at one time thus increasing the chances of finding a couple which meets their requirements. This is because you will get to see the couple you are talking to right away and in person. You will know whether you are well suited, or whether there is awkwardness between the two of you. This is a great way for many couples who are experienced to avoid wasting time with couples who think they are ready, but turn out not to be.

Alternative Events

For those who progress beyond the clubs and parties, there are a few different ways you can enjoy the swinging lifestyle. One of the fastest growing swinging sectors in Wales is the dogging lifestyle. This is great for those who are interested in both swinging and having sex in public places. It allows you to fulfil a voyeuristic fetish as well as allowing you to enjoy meeting with other people. These events are usually well organized in a semi-private space. The most common place for this kind of event is in the middle of a parking lot in the middle of the night.

When going to clubs, there are plenty of different rooms you can go into. One of the rooms which many people find intimidating at first, but empowering later on is the group room. This allows you to go into a group setting and have sex with as many or as few people as you desire. You are open to invite and be invited to have sex by all who are in attendance. This is an orgy in the truest sense of the word. People from all socio-economic backgrounds, races and religions come together for a night of hedonism.

The biggest thing to remember when getting started with swinging is it is all about having fun. If you are having fun, it should not be at the expense of others. Be respectful of those around you and you will get the same in return. If you are unkind to those around you, you are sure to find yourself being asked to leave and never return. Make sure you have good communication with your partner as well as the people you are meeting for sex. Be open and willing to explore your sexuality and your boundaries.