Finding Swingers at Clubs in Wales

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In Wales, swingers looking to go to a club can go to Chameleons located in Newport. This club allows sex on the premises. They offer public and private rooms, smoking and non-smoking lounges, sauna, Jacuzzi and steam room. The club will allow the consumption of alcohol but you must bring your own supply with you. Make sure you know the hours of operation as the club is actually a gay sauna the rest of the week. The only times the club is called Chameleons is Friday and Saturday night. Food is served in a delicious buffet each night at midnight. This keeps your engine going.

While this is the only physical club which is open to the public, there are many different private clubs which change venues. Joining the clubs usually involves a certain amount of dues to be paid out every month or quarter depending on the person who is running the club. Some clubs will meet in private homes while others will meet in hotels. The venue and the amount of people will depend on the club and the fetishes of the people who are a member of the club.

How to Spot Other Swingers in a Club

It is always awkward when trying to engage a couple for the first time in an open arena. This is why so many people prefer to only approach others when they are in a club atmosphere. It is important when approaching someone you are unsure about to keep the conversation light and conversational. You are not looking to talk a couple into swinging. This is often nothing more than an effort in futility. It is a much better idea to simply talk about interests. Talking about sex is a very normal thing for two couples to happen upon in a conversation. If the conversation never ends up on sex, do not force it, it will get really awkward really quick.

The couple you are looking for is the couple who openly admits to enjoying swinging. This is your opportunity to talk about turn-ons and more. Find out if the couple will be a good addition to your scene or not. Remember, the more people you are introduced to, the more people you can be introduced to. Swingers networking has gotten easier due to the internet, but some people believe there is no replacing the feeling of meeting a couple in a bar and taking it from there.

No matter where you meet the people you swing with, it is important to be open and honest with yourself and others. You must be comfortable in what you are engaging in. If you are not, it is your responsibility to speak up. On the other end, you must respect it when others tell you they are not comfortable with something. Do not force people to engage in any behavior they are not comfortable with. Also make sure you are not forcing anyone to do anything they are not comfortable with. This will make sure you and everyone else you are involved with are able to fully enjoy their experience of swinging.