The Importance of Acceptance

12:49 pm in Swinging Advice by admin

Acceptance and tolerance is a very important part of the swinging lifestyle. While you may not be interested in everything someone else is interested in, there is nothing wrong with someone else enjoying the fetish they have. If someone approaches you and asks you to engage in something you are not into, it is fine to respectfully decline their advance. Do not get long-winded as to why you are saying no. Just say no and move on with the rest of your evening. There should never be any pressure from anyone to engage in something they do not want to.

When you are accepting, you allow everyone else to have fun. You will also have more fun yourself. Make sure you try that which you are ready for, but abstain from the things which you feel uncomfortable with. The more fun you are having, the more fun those around you will have. If you are forcing yourself to try and enjoy a situation chances are you will be tight and stuffy. Others will pick up on this and it will ruin their good time. Let loose and enjoy the night.