Swinging Rules

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When swinging it is important to gives others the respect you desire for yourself. Couples get into swinging so they can have a safe and respectful way to act out their sexual fantasies. Anyone who cannot respect this should not get involved in swinging. Being accepting is a very important part of the respect you will be showing to those around you. It is impolite to expect you will be respected and not return that respect to those you come into contact with. This is a very good way to make sure you are not going to be invited back.

One should practice good personal hygiene when going to any swinging event. No one is looking to have sex with another person who has offensive body odor or breath. Keeping clean is just a matter of common courtesy. This not only means making sure you bathe, but you should also pay attention to body hair and oral care. Do not show up with messy, unwashed hair, a bad smell and bad breath. This is a major turn off and you are sure to be alone at the end of the night.

Any couple who seeks out other couples will be approached by someone they do not want to swing with. In these cases it is best to just simply say No, thank you. You should never offer up a lengthy explanation as to why you do not want to swing with someone. An explanation can only lead to hurt feelings and this can be very bad if the person who approached you has issues of insecurity. You are sure to have valid reasons which should not be offensive. Rather than test the waters, keep your answer short and to the point so everyone can move on.

Always make sure another couple is aware of what you will and will not do sexually and otherwise in relation to swinging. Laying down ground rules before you begin is the best way to ensure no one gets hurt or is put in a situation they do not want to be in. This is all part of the process in funding the right couple for you to have fun in a safe way. If you are asked to perform any type of sexual act you are not comfortable with simply say no. Again in these cases no lengthy explication should be given. In turn you should never pressure anyone onto doing anything they have expressed they do not want to do. Remember swinging is about having respect and fun in a comfortable atmosphere.

Should you be invited to a swinging event in someone’s home be sure to ask your host what you can bring with you. It takes a great deal of supplies to host a swinging event for a group. Make sure you do ask what you specifically can bring. Showing up with wine to be polite can be just as bad as showing up empty handed in these situations. Often a host may ask you bring items such as extra condoms or lubricant. If you only bring what you will use, it will help. If you bring enough for everyone, you are sure to not only be invited back, you will be the life of the party. This will be especially true of those who did not bring the right supplies to the party.

Be sure to bring and use condoms. Everyone wants to be safe when swinging. The idea is have fun and not endanger yourself or others. Be respectful should anyone you are having a sexual encounter with ask you use additional safety items such a dental dam for oral sex. Again this is all about safety and respect for yourself and the others involved. You should always bring more condoms than you are planning to use. This is again to take care of those who are at the party who did not bring the right supplies. Swinging is a community atmosphere. The more you get out of the individual mindset, the more you will enjoy yourself.

Singles looking to get involved in swinging should be aware of the mindset of the swinging community. Single women are most always invited to show up to parties and clubs. This is because there always seems to be a desire for women to get involved in threesomes or more. There is less desire for single men to get involved. There have been occasions where the men in an atmosphere far outweigh the women and it is intimidating. Women end up feeling unsafe and unsure about whether they even want to be in an atmosphere such as this.

Good communication is the most important part to making sure you are having fun. Honesty is also tantamount to having a good time. Be honest with yourself and with your partner about what you are and are not comfortable. This will not only help you to be able to have fun, it will help those around you to have fun as well. When you are not happy in a situation it brings everyone around you down. Keep it light and keep it fun.