Swinging Guide & Etiquette

12:44 pm in Swinging Advice by admin

Swinging is about breaking the rules about what normal sex is. You are getting involved in a lifestyle of people who have had to live in the shadows for too long. Recently there has been an awakening of the senses for many people. This has led to the introduction of many clubs and groups which are dedicated to the swinging lifestyle. This means more and more people are joining in the action every day.

In order to make sure you are not offending anyone, it is a good idea to know what is acceptable and what will get you in trouble. The main thing for most people is to treat others with the same respect and dignity you would expect to receive in return. The last thing you want is to be shunned from the very people you are looking to join. This will force you to find satisfaction for your needs in other manners. As long as you follow a certain set of rules, you are sure to enjoy a swinging lifestyle in Wales for years to come.