Dogging in Wales

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The swinging environment in Wales has really grown recently. The lifestyle is no longer viewed by the public as something so evil it has to be hidden away. There is still further to go in terms of bringing the lifestyle out of the shadows and into the spotlight. There are those who enjoy more than just going to parties and clubs. They have other sexual desires they would like to have fulfilled. After all, this is exactly why most people got involved in swinging in the first place.

Pushing the limits is hard to do sometimes without risking arrest. This is why it is important to find a group of people with the same interests. There is safety in numbers. This is true not only in protection from other people, but in protection from legal persecution. Dogging is one such lifestyle choice more and more people are turning to which benefits from a group dynamic. People can enjoy the thrills which turn them on sexually while not having to worry about waking up in jail rather than in the loving embrace of their partner.

What is Dogging?

Dogging is the term used to describe the act of group sex on semi-public location. Those who participate in dogging do so to fulfil desires for group sex, public sex, and voyeurism. Many times dogging takes place in car parks after hours or other semi-private locations where a car can be parked. The locations which are chosen are chosen for their lack of security cameras. This is one of the many reasons why it is important to have a group of people. You are safer from criminals if you are in a group atmosphere rather than alone.

There has been a recent increase of dogging in Wales. This has been through the increase in swinger clubs on the internet. These clubs have made it easier for couple interested in dogging to meet others who also desire to do so. Many times couples will meet online and agree on semi-public locations. Afterwards they let others in the club know where they will be dogging so they can watch. This fulfils the voyeur fetish many people have, but are scared to act out in a public place.

When Does Dogging Happen?

Because no one wants for small children to witness the events which would go on at a dogging party, the events are held at night. The normal start time for such an event would be after 10pm. This will make sure not only are all of the children in bed, but the location will be free of all other people not involved in the party. The exclusive nature of the event allows everyone in attendance to feel secure while still getting to enjoy the feeling of being watched while they engage in sex. Good dogging parties will last well into the night, but few parties will go beyond the hour of 4am.

How to Prepare for Dogging

Just like any kind of swinging event, there are things you should consider bringing along with you. You should have a day bag filled with all of the sex toys, lubricants and accessories you enjoy using and having used on you. This will make sure you get all of your desires fulfilled while you are at the party. Remember when it comes to lubricants and towels, there can never be too many. Bring way more than you feel you will use so there is enough for everyone. While the events are planned well in advance, there are always people who come unprepared. If you come over prepared, it allows others to remain safe while having fun.

The manner in which you dress will play a vital role in your participation at a dogging event. It is important wear loose fitting clothes so you will be able to get in and out of them quickly. Try not to wear athletic clothes such as jogging suits and fleece. This is because it is unattractive to others. You want to still look as attractive as possible while giving yourself free access to being naked as quickly as possible. Just as important as getting naked quickly, is the ability to get dressed quickly. If the police should show up, it is a good idea to get dressed in a hurry.

Those who own a van or a larger vehicle are desired by dogging groups. This is because it provides a semi-private atmosphere to have sex in. You will still be exposed enough where others can see you, but private enough you can shut the doors should the need arise. Camper vehicles are desired for those people looking for a more secluded room in which to have sex. This can be because they changed their mind about wanting to have sex in public, or simply to fulfil the other person’s needs of being in a private place.